Smarter ICT Procurement

E2BN’s Everything ICT procurement framework, offers ICT procurement that is compliant, convenient and cost-effective.
Neil Watkins of Everything ICT will be presenting at the DfE ICT Expo on 14th October.

Key topics will include: the challenges of ICT procurement for schools and MATs; why you need an ICT Strategy; and the benefits of mini-competitions vs direct awards.

Find out how Everything ICT can help you become a smarter buyer

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Educational Recovery and Computing

The National Centre for Computing Education has developed a special curated collection of CPD, resources and wider support to inspire your teaching, improve your knowledge, inform your assessment and save you time whilst you address lost learning.

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Improve Cyber Security at your School

The Eastern Cyber Security Resilience Centre is the ''local' point of help and support with all things related to cyber security.
They are running a specific session for education leaders and staff on the fundamentals of cyber resilience. The session will also provide practical steps to improve cyber resilience at your school.
You can attend this free session in-person or virtually.

Get a new phone system by Christmas

Our partner, HelloTelecom, provides VoIP telephony for schools. VoIP telephony uses your existing broadband line to make calls rather than (the soon to be defunct) traditional ISDN lines.
VoIP telephony offers lots of benefits including reduced costs, greater flexibility and better security for voice communications.

VoIP Telephony Explained

Further ransomware attacks on the UK education sector

An alert warning of further ransomware attacks on the UK’s education sector has been issued by the NCSC after a notable rise in cases over the past week.

The NCSC previously reported increases in ransomware attacks on the UK education sector in September 2020 and March this year, and has updated this alert in line with the latest activity.

Ransomware is a type of malware which can make data or systems unusable until the victim makes a payment, which can have a significant impact in an education environment.

More recently, there has been a trend for cyber criminals to also threaten to release sensitive data stolen from the network during the attack, if the ransom is not paid. There are many high-profile cases where the cyber criminals have followed through with their threats by releasing sensitive data to the public, often via “name and shame” websites on the darknet.

Alongside acting on the mitigation advice contained within the alert, the NCSC strongly emphasises the need for organisations in the sector to protect their networks from attack.

The NCSC has produced a number of practical resources to help educational institutions improve their cyber security, and they are encouraged to take advantage of our Exercise in a Box tool which helps organisations test and practice their response to a cyber attack in a safe environment.

Organisations in the sector are advised to sign up to the NCSC’s free Early Warning service, which is designed to inform organisations of potential cyber attacks on their network as soon as possible.

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