At E2BN, we provide flexible broadband packages to meet your current and future needs. We have now enhanced that with Internet4Schools

We work with you to define the bandwidth you need, based on the number of pupils and devices you have now and are expecting in the future.

Why should you choose E2BN broadband?

* We are experts in education and really understand your needs.
* Unlike commercial Broadband suppliers we have no shareholder and pay no dividends so we ensure that you get the full benefit from our success.
* You are in control because your connection comes straight to you
* We constantly monitor your connection and guarantee a 99% connection rate.
* You define your filtering by location, port, group or individual.
* Our broadband includes a router, content caching, connection management, an email relay service, a firewall, filtering, telephone and web support, nightly back-ups and VPN access.

About E2BN membership

As a broadband customer you also become a member of E2BN. Membership includes members discounts on training events professional and access to a wealth of online teaching and learning content. As a member, you also have access to framework contracts; video conferencing services and NEN (The Education Network) services.

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