Please Help Our Friend Caroline Coster

 Many of you will have met Caroline at one of our events. She provided many fantastic conference workshops over the years, helped launch Risks and Rewards and is a keen supporter of the use of technology in the classroom.


Caroline is also a tireless helper of others. For many years she has recycled jeans into fantastic handbags, phone and glasses cases, purses and soft toys. She has sold them at fetes, craft fairs and E2BN conferences to raise money for charities in Kenya. Over the years many people, both at home and abroad, have benefitted from Caroline's energy, enthusiasm and incredible generousity. 

Sadly, Caroline contracted CoViD19 in March and suffered complications that resulted in the amputation of her hands and feet. 

Caroline is supported by a loving family but in order to live safely at home her house needs to be adapted and she will need hand prosthetics in order to achieve some degree of independence. 

So I am appealing to the 'E2BN Family' to help Caroline by making a donation via her justgiving page where you can read the full story of her illness and recovery so far.

Please give as generously as you are able.

Many thanks

Kathy Olsson (on behalf of the E2BN Board and Team)

   caroline bags2


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