Free teaching resource - Using your mobile safely

"Myfirstmobile" is a programme of study derived from a Kirklees Safeguarding Children Board  Digital Citizen Award project and is designed for teachers to equip pupils with basic skills to help them to make the correct choices whilst using the internet.

It starts with a 5 minute animated film created by students from The Creative and Media Studio School which is all about a boy receiving his first mobile phone on his tenth birthday. The video starts at his birthday party and takes viewers through a number of challenging issues about his ownership and safe use of his new phone.

What follows are a number of session plans on different internet related subjects taking the child through their online learning experience.

Once all sessions have been completed, children are encouraged to take the quiz to test their online safety knowledge and skills.

On successful completion of the programme all participants will be able to obtain a certificate of their achievement.

The programme is best delivered over several sessions. It has been put together by a collaboration of senior teachers and online safety professionals addressing a number of key elements covered in the PSHE curriculum.

It was funded by the local PCC through their money reclaimed from criminal activity. It is open to any school, free to use and they can access the resources at 

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