Domains and SSL Certificates for Schools


E2BN provides a Domain Name service (DNS) for Members.

Schools and organisations that pay for E2BN broadband and internet services directly or via their LA can do the following: 

  1. Use E2BN's name servers to host your domain records. We will make any necessary changes on your behalf - free service included in your membership.
  2. Use E2BN's Nominet Registrar services. These include registration of new and domains and acting as "tag" holder for many types of .uk domains. If you wish to move your existing dns records to our nameservers, it may be appropriate for you to transfer your domain(s) to us. Some of these services are chargeable.
  • Registration of new domains - £80 per domain plus VAT
  • Renewal of domains - 5 years - £37.50 per domain plus VAT
  • Transfer domain in to E2BN - free
  • Transfer domain out from E2BN - free
  • Host and maintain DNS records - free

We cannot register .com .net and other non uk domains.

If you wish to register a new domain you will need to do this via Nominet directly. If you wish E2BN to hold the domain for you , please notify Nominet that you wish to transfer the new domain to "E2BN".

Useful FAQs page about internet domains:  Nominet - about DNS and Domains

Nominet’s domain name registration T&C’s: Nominet Terms and Conditions of Domain Registration

E2BN Domain Registrar services - about our contract with you:  Key Facts

Complaints - if you have a complaint about E2BN's Domain Registrar services please contact us: E2BN Complaints Process

If you wish to escalate a complaint to Nominet see Nominet Complaints Escalation


SSL Certificates for Schools

Many online services that schools provide for their users require the use of end-to-end data encryption. In order for a user's device to "trust" the service provider the host server should have a valid SSL certificate installed.

We can provide the necessary certificates for domains owned by schools that take their broadband service via one of our member LAs or via E2BN Direct.

The cost of a single SSL certificate with up to 3 SANs ( subject alternate names ) via E2BN is £50 plus VAT.  Certificates with up to 8 SANs £100. 

For more information please contact the E2BN office on 01462 834588 or e-mail