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Are you looking for some new online safety teaching resources? Have you considered looking in the bookshop? There is a growing body of literature for children and young people that addresses a plethora of online safety issues often in an engaging and amusing way.

KS2 – Storybooks with Strong Online Safety Messages - English and Online Safety




The Cyber Spying Glass - A.M. Marcus & Elisa Bindi

Eric and Kelly show us a place where we must pay very close attention to the clues presented in order to stay safe. Although the Internet may appear to be a place of wonder and curiosity, Eric and Kelly show us that it can also be a very dangerous place.




The Diary of Elle series - Nina Du Thaler

Through the series pupils will learn about internet safety, cyberbullying, social media and online presence through fictional stories.





Tek The Modern Cave Boy- Patrick McDonnell

Tek tells the story of a caveboy in love with tech: his tablet, video games, phone, and TV keep him deep in his cave, glued to his devices, day in and day out. He never sees his friends or family anymore – and his ability to communicate has devolved to just one word: “UGH”! Can anyone in the village convince Tek to unplug and come outside into the big, beautiful world?

Tek is a tablet-shaped book that explores the need to balance technology use with ‘real world’ activities.  Tek can help explore the need for children to balance internet use with offline world fun. It can be used to discuss using technology responsibly and the need for children to explore the world both on and offline



Nerdy Birdy Tweets - Aaron Arnold

Nerdy Birdy and his best friend, Vulture, are very different. Nerdy Birdy loves video games, but Vulture finds them BORING. Vulture loves snacking on dead things, but Nerdy Birdy finds that GROSS. Luckily, you don't have to agree on everything to still be friends. One day, Nerdy Birdy joins Tweetster, and the friend requests start flying in. Vulture watches as Nerdy Birdy gets swept up in his new friendships, but when she finally gets angry, Nerdy Birdy knows just what to do to make things right.




Hello! - Matthew Cordell

Outside the world is bright and colourful, but Lydia's family is too busy with their gadgets to notice. She says Hello to everyone. Hello? Hello! Her father says hello while texting, her mother says hello while working on her laptop and her brother doesn't say hello at all. The T.V shouts Hello! But she doesn't want to watch any shows. Lydia, now restless, ventures outside. There are so many things to say hello to! Hello, rocks! Hello, leaves! Hello, flowers! When Lydia comes back home she decides to show her family what she has found, and its hello world and goodbye gadgets!

The first episode "Online Gaming" in a series of Safety Online books. 9-year-old Mac loves playing games online on his game console, but one day all isn't as it should be! Meet SOL, the lovable husky who saves the day!


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