Are you ready for the cybercriminals?

You’ll all have seen the banks’ adverts about cyber fraud and some of you will have been the victim of online fraud yourselves, but did you know that schools also fall prey to cybercrime?  In fact, cybercriminals are increasingly seeing schools as soft targets! Think about the volume of emails that schools get and how busy everyone is and how little training you have had on preventing cybercrime. (Any training you had on GDPR probably didn’t spend much time on phising, ransomware or DDOS attacks!)

The good news is that like most things a little training goes a long way and that the NCSC (National Cyber Security Centre) has produced an online tool that can help you upskill your staff.

Exercise in a Box is an online tool which helps organisations test and practise their response to a cyberattack. It is completely free and you don’t have to be an expert to use it.

The service provides exercises, based around the main cyber threats, which your organisation can do in your own time, in a safe environment, as many times as you want. It includes everything you need for setting up, planning, delivery, and post-exercise activity, all in one place.

To use Exercise in a Box you need to register for an account. This enables us to provide you with a tailored report, helping you identify your next steps and pointing you towards the guidance which is most relevant for your organisation.

Once you have registered, you set your profile, pick your exercise(s), and download the materials.

Exercise in a Box is free and very easy to use. You don’t need to be an ‘expert’ to run the sessions for you but if you don’t feel that anyone in school could manage the session we are happy to provide a trainer to assist. We’d also be happy to include Exercise in a Box in one of our online safety sessions. Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information

Audio Network - Free music resources for schools

Audio Network, the free music download resource for schools has moved over to a new platform, making the downloading and managing of tracks simpler and more intuitive. This service has been paid for by NEN members and is FREE to all schools taking their broadband from E2BN via their local authority or directly from E2BN/Internet4schools.

The Audio Network, database includes:

  • Ability to access the resource via your school network (if you are a NEN school)
  • A very wide selection of professionally recorded music
  • Improved interface and facilities
  • Updated with 10,000 new audio files taking the total to 60,000

You and your pupils can use the online search to find and audition music on-site. Individual music tracks can then be downloaded to your computer, pre-cleared and ready for use in your classroom.
The NEN licence with Audio Network allows teachers and students to download any of the music files free of charge with the condition that the downloaded files must not be used for any commercial purposes.

All the music in the vast catalogue of tracks has been specially composed by Audio Network’s partner composers, performed by top musicians and recorded to exacting industry standards for media production. The music catalogue now spans music of many different styles, cultures and types, and instrumentation – just browsing through is an education in itself!

This licence is only ‘free’ to NEN connected schools. If you think you should be getting access but are receiving an error message, please contact your RBC directly.

Free History/Art Resource

Please download and use our free teaching resources f packed with lots of art ideas to support teaching The Iron Age to The Stone Age in History.


Section 1 - Paint Your Cave

Teachers Notes

Learning Objectives

Making Paint - images

Painted Caves and the Animals that inspired them


Section 2 - Jewellery

Teachers Notes

Learning Objectives

Stone Age Jewellery Images

Modern Jewellery Images

Iron and Bronze Age Shields


Section 3 - Making Felt

Teachers Notes

Learning Objectives

Making Felt Images and Instruction


Gender Balance in Computing

An opportunity to get involved with the Gender Balance in Computing project, a major new research project looking at how to engage more female students in computing, as part of the National Centre for Computing Education.

In 2018, only 20% of all GCSE Computer Science students were girls1, but girls are well-represented in extra-curricular learning programmes such as Apps for Good. So the first strand of the new project will investigate the links between extra-curricular learning and school subject choice, in order to discover new ways of encouraging girls to consider GCSE Computer Science.

The Raspberry Pi Foundation is looking for secondary schools who are interested in being part of the project. It’s open to schools who offer GCSE Computer Science and who already run / are open to running the Apps for Good programme with their Year 8 pupils.

Key information:

  • The project will run from September 2019 to March 2020.
  • Schools taking part will be asked to use the Apps for Good App Development Standard Course with Year 8 pupils (girls and boys) at some point during this time; this course takes an average of 12 hours to deliver.
  • Schools may be asked to try out some new resources designed to encourage more girls to consider GCSE Computer Science. These resources will be very similar to the standard Apps for Good programme, with some extra activities.
  • Apps for Good will provide schools with ready-to-use materials to minimise the demand on teachers’ time.
  • Pupils will complete short online surveys at the start and the end of the project, in order to measure the impact of the new resources.
  • If you agree to take part, your school will receive the new resources in either September 2019 or March 2020

To get involved, complete this 2-minute form by Tuesday 18 June, and Raspberry Pi will send you further information.

1From the Roehampton Annual Computing Report 2018.

New Tech join the micro pet challenge !

Clackclose Hundred is proud to present The Arm School Program who will be delivering activities using micro:bits where participants can design, make and program an interactive micro:pet. using the very latest technology The session will be a practical hands-on making session where participants can make as well program their product. There will be prizes for the most creative pet! So come and join us and get creative!

More information and booking

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