Web Filter Breach Procedure - What to do when the filter goes wrong

No online web filtering system can claim to be 100% effective. There will be occasions, however infrequent when a pupil or a member of staff sees something online that they should not. Knowing what to do in these circumstances should be part of every school’s safeguarding procedures.

The information below has been designed to help E2BNProtex users navigate this area. If your school uses a different filter the broad principles will still apply.

Assuming that the inappropriate content has been discovered when other people, especially children, are around. your first task must be to minimise exposure. Flick off the screen or confiscate the device. Deal with the issue discretely. If a pupil is involved remember that they may be upset by the content and fearful of ‘getting into trouble’. The safeguarding of pupils must always take precedent.

You also have a duty to protect yourself and to ensure that the filtering breach is dealt with appropriately.

Follow our step by step guide

If the content could be illegal i.e. contains child sexual abuse imagery or terrorist/extremist material

Whilst this very unlikely it is not impossible so…

  • Quarantine the device. With a PC you need to remove the power supply, on a laptop remove the power supply and battery. If the suspect illegal material is on a tablet switch it off. Remove the device to a secure area – a locked cupboard or the Head teacher’s office.

The device and its contents are potentially a ‘crime scene’ and must be preserved as such.

  • Do not view the material or copy, share, screenshot, disseminate or show the material to anyone. (It is illegal for you to see it)
  • Do not delete or amend the material (it is illegal to tamper with criminal evidence)
  • Do not attempt to ‘investigate’ the source of the material (your actions could hamper any criminal proceedings and make you criminally liable)
  • Do not allow anyone other than the police to remove or access the device (and get a receipt)
  • Contact the police and follow their instructions.
  • Contact E2BNProtex on 01462 834588 to discuss the incident and initiate filter log analysis
  • Follow your school’s appropriate safeguarding and disciplinary procedures

If the material is legal but ‘inappropriate’ (Inappropriate could mean anything from a game site that you don’t want children accessing during lesson time or mild but age inappropriate cartoons to gruesome anti-vivisection sites or pornography)

Make a block page request by going to  http://protex.e2bn.org/listrequest and completing the online form. To have a page or site blocked you will need to add the site(s) URL to the ‘URL to blocked field’ highlighted in red. Use the comment field to describe the circumstances around discovering the inappropriate material and which filter profile was being used e.g. Staff, Student.


  • Make a note of the TrackID number that comes on the screen following your submission.
  • E2BN will receive notification of your block request.  We are usually able to prevent access to the URL in your school (and in all other schools) very quickly. However, it may take up to four hours for the block to take effect.
  • When we have processed your request you will receive an email from This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. referring to the TrackID and telling you how we have dealt with the site/URL.
  • If you believe that the nature of the site is such that it needs to be blocked as a matter of urgency please make a note of the URL and ring the E2BN office on 01462 834588 or (if your school has an admin account) speak to the school’s account holder
  • Follow your school’s appropriate safeguarding and disciplinary procedures.

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