1 in 7 Children use Tech to Bully Others!

A recent survey by Action for Children has revealed that one in seven children admit to online bullying and that 40% said that they did so to prevent themselves being targeted.

What can schools do reduce online bullying?

In addition, to having robust Safeguarding policies about online bullying every school should be educating pupils about online bullying, its impact and what they can do to prevent it. But developing you own engaging, interactive programme is time-consuming, so E2BN has created a partnership with eCadets that entitles every E2BN school to one full year’s free subscription to the eCadets multi-award winning, peer-led online safety programme.

eCadets helps pupils understand and avoid online bullying and empowers them to act in the right way if they become aware that others are being bullied online.

Find out about eCadets here: https://www.ecadet.zone/

Sign up for your free one-year subscription at:https://www.ecadet.zone/schools/new/ and use the offer code ‘E2BN blog’. If you are not an E2BN member sign up anyway with the offer code, and enjoy a two week free trial of eCadets.

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