Protex web filtering

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Protex Benefits

 Flexible Filtering Profiles

Profiles for each type of user 

Time/Day scheduling of alternate profiles

NOT one-size-fits-all!


Real Time List Updates

 Request a change , make a change - blink and it’s done!   


Dynamic URL  and Content Filtering

 Real time checking of all content on a web page - http AND https


Secure Hardware Platform

Dedicated units configured to your requirements


Search Filtering

Checks and blocks inappropriate searches across all search engines


Virtual Image for Product Evaluation

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 File extension blocking and Anti-Malware

 File type checking/blocking per profile.  Blocking of known malware sites.


Authenticated Access

Assign a filter profile by username and AD group membership

Tracking of web usage by username


Free UK based Support

Managed service as standard Phone or email 24/7  Speak to the techies who know your product inside out


Robust Reporting

Daily, Weekly ‘Top 100’ reports of web use Run a detailed report for any scenario


IWF Member

Internet Watch Foundation CAIC and Home Office Prevent lists always on


BYOD and Mobile Device Filtering

Guest filtering available on all mobile devices including IOS, Android and Chromebooks