Online Safety training for all school staff

 During the present Covid crisis we are providing all of our CPD virtually. Sessions can be accessed via Zoom, Google Meet or MS Teams. We have amended our pricing structure to reflect the lower cost overhead of providing training in this manner!

Choose from one of our popular sessions outlined below or speak to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. about a bespoke session that focuses on your school or academy's needs


E2BN provides INSET sessions for staff that address a range of Online Safety issues. Our most popular sessions are: Teaching Digital and Online Professional Reputation.

Teaching Digital: This session is designed to encourage staff to think about how Online Safety education can be incorporated into a variety of subject areas and starts off with a quick look at web filtering, why we need it and what the smart teacher needs to know about managing it. Using the web as a research tool leads on to issues of evaluation and copyright and raises the question of why we are teaching children to steal. The need to teach children to think before they post, issues around grooming, cyberbullying and the impact of a negative digital footprint have those staff involved in PSHE, pastoral care and careers education really taking note! And because we wouldn’t want PE, dance, drama or music teachers to feel this stuff doesn’t have anything to do with them there’s a great video showing that it does! In case anyone still thinks Online Safety isn’t part of their job, we take a quick look at setting a good ‘e-example’, data security, Acceptable Use policies and what Ofsted have to say about all this.

Online Professional Reputation for Staff: This presentation is designed to encourage all school staff (including non-teaching staff) to consider how their online behaviour could impact on their real world professional reputation. Although the focus of the session is staff behaviour it carries powerful messages about what we should be teaching our pupils about the online world. The presentation will explain what is meant by digital tattoo, raise questions about what is right, wrong, normal and acceptable online, addresses issues around cyber-vetting and give suggestions about how to build a positive online reputation. As a final thought staff are asked to consider whether the school’s current Acceptable Use Policy provides them with enough guidance and the school with enough protection.

Managing Sexting Incidents in Your Primary School: It is tempting to think that ‘this sort of thing’ only happens amongst teenagers. Unfortunately, children as young as six have been involved in sexting. Whilst young children may well sext for very different reasons compared to teenagers, it is still extremely likely that school staff will have to deal with the incident. But do you know what to do? Are you sure that you (and your staff) know if and when you should report to the police or social services? Have you thought about how to advise parents and what, if anything, to teach pupils about sexting? This 90-minute session will help you and your colleagues make the right decisions.

These sessions can be adapted to the particular needs of the school and can be run as half-day or twilight sessions.

For more information contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.