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Over the next few months we’ll be pulling together a collection of easy, fun activities that will help your pupils developing their understanding of the computer science aspects of the Computing curriculum:

Year 5/6 Algorithm Magic - Algorithms and Debugging

Lesson plan

 Algorithm Magic presentation


Year2/3 Algorithms and implementing Algorithms - Mission to Mars (two lessons) 

Lesson plans


Robot Code Library

CAS National Conference

This year is the 10th anniversary of the CAS National Conference and it promises to be a great event. It takes place in Birmingham on Friday 15th June and Saturday 16th June 2018.

It will a celebration of all things CAS with a range of inspiring plenaries and classroom-based workshops for both Primary and Secondary teachers of Computing.

The conference will be a time to reflect, a time to look forward and a time to recharge the batteries, with new ideas and resources from experienced colleagues.The CAS conference is a great way to experience all that the CAS community has to offer. For full details and to book, visit here.

Universities Help CAS Double Support to Teachers

Universities have helped Computing At School (CAS) double support to computing teachers through the Network of Teaching Excellence in Computer Science (NoE) - according to the latest figures in the quarterly report provided to the Department for Education.

Read more here

Make an ArtBot - Instructions

ArtBot drawing You will need:

  • A strong plastic cup
  • Four felt-tipped pens Gaffer tape (strong and very sticky)
  • A small DC motor 1.5v - 4.5v
  • A couple of AA batteries
  • Battery holder
  • Electrical wire and crocodile clips
  • An off centre mass - a blob of plasticine/ BlueTac or a slice of cork cut diagonally (works better than the plasticine)

Let's Get Physical - ArtBot


The ArtBot is basically a plastic drinking cup with four (capped) felt tipped pens attached as legs and a battery powered motor. An off centre mass (blob of plasticine will do but you can buy off centre mass wheels) slid onto the shaft of the motor motor will cause it and the plastic cup/ felt tip pen combination to vibrate and jig around erratically. If you remove the pen caps and place the ArtBot on a piece of paper it will create a random spirograph-esque design.

If you want to extend the project a bit you could add lights and even a buzzer! Instructions for making an ArtBot The ArtBot a nice little Technology project. To turn it into a physical computing project we need to control the ArtBot with a computer programme! As the motion of the ArtBot is erratic there;'s little point in trying to control the direction of the movement so we need to think about controlling some other aspect of the ArtBot. about some the lights or the buzzer controlled via a Codebug or Crumble (Click here for our review of these controllers) )

Using a Codebug - HeArtBot For instructions on getting started with the Codebug see The easiest way to use a Codebug in this project is to use its 5x5 bank of embedded LED's to create a flashing graphic such as a smiley face or a heart and attach the Codebug to the front of the ArtBot. (Check out the great tutorial on creating flashing graphics with the Codebug here

Or try making a paper packet to hold the Codebug. The paper will diffuse the light from the LEDs giving the flashing graphic a nice soft glow.codebug heart1

IMG_3310heart packet

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