Going to BETT? Say Hello to E2BN on Stand 216

Ever been to BETT and left feeling exhausted? It can be easy to spend all your time fending off unwanted salesman that you don't actually achieve what you came to find out.

Concierge Service

We have the solution. As a framework, Think IT is your independent guide to BETT 2018. Our only interest is to find you the best solutions to meet the outcomes you want. Just tell us what you're looking to achieve in teaching and learning and we will take you to meet exhibitors that will best meet your needs. 

We can help you build your ICT strategy and make your visit to BETT 2018 worthwhile!

Google Stand

Thursday - 25th Jan – 12 to 1pm

LA briefing for up to 6 people on Google Classroom Technologies – hosted by Jem (education manager)

Independent Schools Council

            Think IT Stand B216

            Thursday – 25th @ 2pm

            Meeting of GDPR Research group to discuss finding before wider publication

SMART Sponsored event

Friday 26th - 9.45 to 10.45 – Pavilion Suite


What is intelligent procurement & how will it make any difference?


LA’s & Trading services (IT Directors / Managers)

MATS’s – IT Directors, CEO’s, Finance Managers


An opportunity to hear from existing framework users to learn about the benefits of the Think IT framework, and how you can gain revenue and increased customer reach from intelligent procurement


Opportunity to visit the promethean Stand (B98) and enjoy a private VIP tour of their Pavilion suite glimpse into the future as seen by DragonNet (Parent Co) inc: Immersive, Artificial Intelligence & Augmented Reality, technologies.

By appointment only

Talk to a Microsoft expert

Think IT are a Tier 1 csp & aer.

We’re in the expert area on the Microsoft stand throughout BETT, and would be happy to answer any questions about the forthcoming licencing changes to licences and pricing.

We’ll also be able to introduce you to various product specialist and experts, and well as arrange one to demonstrations. 

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