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This webpage gives information on E2BN's structure and management. The contact details for the staff working for the consortium and the chairs of the groups that oversee and direct its work are provided below. 

E2BN Structure and Groups

E2BN is a company limited by guarantee with charitable status. Activities are overseen by a Board of Directors made up from a representative of each of the 10 LAs within the region, the directors are also part of a wider Steering Group. In addition there are three sub-groups that focus on learning and teaching, the technical aspects of the consortium’s work and E2BN's strategy. These groups provide advice and support to the Director's group. At certain times other sub groups also meet to fulfill specific briefs.


  • Board of Directors and Steering Group
    The Board of Directors includes representation from each LA in the region and has overall reponsibility for directing and approving the work carried out by the consortium. A Steering Group, with slightly wider membership, supports the Board of Directors in carrying out these functions.

  • Technical Planning Group
    This group advises E2BN Directors on the strategic forward planning of the network and associated activities.

  • Strategy Group
    This group advises E2BN directors on the strategic direction of the consortium.

  • E2BN staff
    There are seven full time staff working for E2BN.

  • Consultants
    In addition to staff members there are a number of consultants who also assist E2BN on specific projects or tasks.


E2BN staff

Chris Kastel

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) - Chris is CEO and Company Secretary. He has overall responsibility for the core team, delivery of E2BN's services and implementing strategic and policy decisions approved by the Board of Directors to which he is answerable. To contact Chris:

Val Mogridge

Business Support Manager - Val handles administration and financial functions and provides a professional point of contact for the region. To contact Val:

Angie Rogers

Business Support Manager -  Angie provides support to E2BN Management, as well as ensuring professional and effective support to members and customers, maintaining the public face of the consortium. To contact Angie:

Kathy Olsson

E-Learning Strategy Manager - Kathy is responsible for leading on the development and delivery of E2BN's E-Learning and E-Safety strategy. To contact Kathy:

Philip Pearce

Strategic Technical Manager - Philip is responsible for leading on the technical development of E2BN's network and services to ensure the consortium continues to meet the requirements on the national agenda and needs of users in the East of England. To contact Philip:

Simon Bright

Technical Services Manager - Simon is responsible for managing the day-to-day delivery, reliability and quality of E2BN's range of technical services. These include DNS, filtering and caching systems, internal hosting and application systems, and Internet security in addition to  broadband network provision. To contact Simon:

Tom Smith

Junior IT Support Technician - Tom supports E2BN staff and customers, monitors the regional network and deploys hardware and software. To contact Tom

  • Telephone:  01462 834588
  • Email: tom.smith@e2bn.org


Brendan Routledge

Consultant - Brendan provides support to the consortium for training and content development on a project basis. To contact Brendan:


Caroline Cuerden

Consultant - Caroline provides support to the consortium for training and content development on a project basis. To contact Caroline:

John Hackett

Consultant -  John provides both technical and educational software and content support to the consortium on a project basis.

To contact John:

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